Sunday, 15 August 2010

Tumbleweed TV

Off piste, this one, but I wanted to share this jaw-droppingly bad attempt at 'satire' from some members of the right-wing loony-bins that are the US Tea Party movement. It's unintentionally laughable rather than witty... which certainly ain't what they were planning.

The example above is a case study that illustrates two very simple (and accurate) premises:

A) That right-wingers are rubbish at comedy and satire... because they are too angry and self-absorbed to be witty. Case for the prosecution: Daily Show (funny) versus Fox's Red Eye (about as funny as a fire in an orphanage).
B) That a Tea Party gathering makes your average UKIP convention look like a cluster of well-adjusted human beings. They are absolutely bonkers, mad and in many cases dangerously deranged people. Don't believe me? Go on to YouTube and type in "Tea Party" and have a look at some of them... sigh.

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