Friday, 4 March 2011

Lansley U-turns on price competition... but NHS reforms roll on

As the gloomy prospect of the privatisation of the NHS nears, Andrew Lansley has made a concession and will reverse a change that would have allowed the multitude of providers in the brave new world to compete on price rather than quality. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't mean the end for the Health and Social Care Bill. The reforms, that the BMA has recently referred to as potentially "appallingly unethical", are marching on.

Meanwhile, its worth having a look at this little video, that provides a summary of just how far the Bill could end public ownership of the system. For, as this blog has argued before, 'social enterprises', 'mutuals' and such friendlier-sounding outcomes mask the far more likely dominance of large, multinational health care corporations in the new environment. So much for democratic control.

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