Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Gove is no longer the biggest liability in his department

Dominic Cummings, special adviser to Michael Gove, is becoming a liability for a minister already accustomed to his fair share of clangers.  The latest allegations that he obstructed civil servants from answering parliamentary questions on the New Schools Network, if proven, will make his position very difficult.

From its inception, the New Schools Network itself has been problematic and demonstrates how desperate the government is for the Free Schools experiment to work - not least in the nature of how it has obtained funding in the past from central government and in the apparent favours it has received.

Meanwhile Gove - according to the Financial Times - has allegedly been using his wife's email address to discuss government business. If true, this - coupled with yesterday's revelations - will make it pretty much impossible for him to preach the value of 'open government' to his colleagues again.

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