Friday, 18 November 2011

2012 London mayoral campaigns kick into life

This video from the Livingstone campaign is an unusually good one, prompting an immediate riposte from Boris' HQ.

It marks what should be an interesting (and probably very close) campaign for the office of Mayor, with numerous factors at play.

Will Labour's large lead over the Tories in the capital help Ken achieve one of the great comebacks in modern political history?

And how well will this approach by team-Ken play? If wages continue to be outpaced by inflation as they have been in 2011, then the cost of living should be a key issue come next spring and this may well add momentum to this line of attack.

Having said that, Boris continues to enjoy a Teflon-like ability to protect his own popularity, even despite some clangers in recent months, not least wading in to the debate on the financial crisis to defend some of the frankly indefensible practices of bankers and speculators.

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