Friday, 16 July 2010

Onwards and downwards

It was barely 4 months ago that the Lib Dems were railing against Tory plans to cut the deficit too soon. They did, of course, change their mind... for sound economic reasons and definitely not political advantage, of course.

Were they right to change their mind?

David Blanchflower doesn't think so.

Neither does Joesph Stiglitz.

And, ironically, it appears that neither does that mysterious, omnipresent being floating just above London, "the market".

As the culling of 'pen-pushers', 'red tape' and 'useless quangos' commences, it won't be too long before we see...

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  1. To be fair to boy George, Standard and Poor's seem to need convincing that he'll do what he says he will. This is the 'liberal nation' that Clegg must be promising (remember when you agreed with Nick, kids? All that staring into the camera fooled you, didn't it!) - the Conservatives get 36% share of the vote (in the UK, and a whopping 39% England), and do precisely what the three unelected major credit ratings agencies tell him to do. Maybe we're to blame for having failed to convince Fitch, Moody's and Standard and Poor's? Maybe we should have voted the way these pernicious supporters of sub-prime mortgages told us to...Hopefully we don't let them get up to their old cosa nostra style tricks -