Friday, 2 July 2010

Swimming Against the Tide

Going off-piste with this latest post, it's worth noting that today Murdoch formally took his main quality paper behind a paywall

One of his own (ex) staff sums up the decision pretty succinctly:

"I think the decision will prove to be a disaster. There are so many innovative ways of making cash online and the decision to plump for an across-the-board blanket subscription over the whole of their content makes them look like a big lumbering giant...Canute-like in their determination to stop the tide of free content and using a top down strategy which makes even the Post Office look dynamic."

This is no dobut a positive. Firstly, Murdoch, having proved his total lack of online acumen when he purchased MySpace about 2 years too late, is now proceeding to shoot himself in the foot again.

Secondly, it will hopefully mean a fair proportion of the Times online readership takes the opportunity to read something better.

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