Friday, 19 November 2010

Relief all round as Capita pledges to cut public services rather than profits

No I haven't got that the wrong way round.

In the City, in which morality is routinely an almost exact mirror image of that in the rest of the country, the following statement is seen as a good thing:

"We've had an intelligent conversation about whether there were ways that services could be delivered differently — albeit to a more appropriate standard than had maybe been procured — with a view to saving money...So that's things like saying: 'Do the turnaround times of services need to be as fast as they've been specified?'... We've had a very intelligent engagement and looked at a whole raft of contracts that we had with a view to how we could save money in a way that was not going to impact on our profits".

Interesting that the phrase 'appropriate standard' above means 'a bit more crap' for the rest of us. Reminds this blog about a recent use of the word "acceptable" by a City lawyer.

Anyway, this blog - and I'm sure the country - will breathe a sigh of relief to know that we will be waiting just that bit longer for our services so that their can maintain his nice salary.

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