Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cable: The ideological Tories haven't thought things through

The Telegraph's secret recordings of  Cable reveal much about his views on the Tory-led government. One that shines through is how ideological he sees them - from his talk of a 'Maoist revolution' in the NHS to his clear view that the Tories are opposed (no surprise here) on tougher regulations over banker's pay. He also worries about the pace of change in health and other areas, putting him in the same camp as just about every major health body, doctors group and non-partisan think-tank in the land:

We are trying to do too many things, actually...Some of them are Lib Dem inspired, but a lot of it is Tory inspired. The problem is not that they are Tory inspired, but that they haven’t thought them through. We should be putting a brake on them.”

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