Sunday, 16 January 2011

NHS Confederation sounds alarm over NHS reforms

The NHS Confederation has added to the health care debate by signalling its profound concerns over the government's NHS reforms in a new report.

Damningly, it argues that there is an "absence of any compelling story about why the reforms are necessary or how they will translate into improved outcomes".

The scale of the reforms proposed by the government - which open the door for the privatisation of much of the service - has united doctors groups, think-tanks and patient groups in expressing their opposition.

Importantly, the Tory party in opposition gave little indication that it intended to pursue reforms this far-reaching.


  1. All you Tory voters should have known what was going to happen. You will now have what is essentialy the begginings of an American health system - and make no mistake about that. Taff

  2. P.s Taff again: just check in the next year or so on the internet where these companies [mates] are comming from. Good luck England - and for that matter the devolved governments who will surely be forced to follow.