Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Boris presides over record poor performance of the Underground

Anyone using the tube these days won't be surprised by the latest figures showing that December 2010 saw the worst month-on-month performance of tube services.

What they may be surprised about is the Mayor's continued, endless defence of bankers, at a time of huge bonuses for the latter and dramatic spending cuts and tax rises for everyone else... caused (despite the revisionist version of history propagated by the Tories) by the collapse of the major financial institutions in 2008.

What is clear is that Boris sees himself as immune to the kind of scrutiny that other politicians face, with carte blanche to act in the narrow interest of an elite section of society, all in the belief that his jokey persona will get him through. So, he feels he can increase fares for the poorest Londoners by over 40%, whilst removing the western c-charge, ditching the revenue it brings and ignoring the impact on congestion and quality of life for Londoners.

Let's hoping that 2012 will prove him wrong.

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