Thursday, 21 April 2011

Poll: British people think the NHS is now better than the competition

YouGov has published this poll that demonstrates that the years of investment in the NHS may have finally impacted on general public perceptions of the standard of health services in the UK.

In the mid 2000s, academic research demonstrated a disconnect ('perception gap') between patients' (service users') improving view of the NHS and those of the public at large, who may not have had recent experience of the service, which tended to be more negative.

However, this most recent YouGov poll found that almost half of respondents believe that health care services in the UK are better than those in other developed countries, compared to only a quarter who believe otherwise. Clearly, the cumulative impact of improving standards and impact on patient experience has managed to overcome the media portrayal of the service, which remains overwhelmingly negative.

Coupled with recent research on standards in the NHS and surveys on patient satisfaction with the NHS, it shows the mountain that Lansley and Cameron have to climb in persuading the public that their health care reforms are borne out of necessity rather than ideology.

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