Monday, 2 May 2011

Finally - a decent AV campaign video

Witty, clear and - best of all - not full of the kind of misleading guff that has afflicted both official campaigns to date, this pro-AV video is worth a watch. Sadly, with the weight of the Tory Party, major donors and its press allies ranged against it, probably too little too late.

1 comment:

  1. Firstly, Casual Cat isn't actually casual. He's tapping his tail, which is what cats do when they're pissed off (when you've been poking them with a stick while they're trying to sleep, for example). Because of AV, he's elected and free to implement what I imagine to be a rather Stalinist programme - he's very angry, after all, and angry people are Stalinists. All because under AV a load of student cats thought 'I agree with Casual Cat, he is well cool'. The fools.

    Secondly, although Casual Cat is a Stalinist, he won't be able to implement his programme - cats are anarchists! They hate authority! The Dog is tried and tested, and knows how to run a government and whip his colleagues to vote with the rest of the pack. You can't herd cats, and they spend 20 hours a day sleeping. Most of them aren't that loyal as well, and have second homes if there's some Kitekat in it for them.

    AV's had it.