Monday, 16 May 2011

Majority of Britons believe NHS to be amongst the best in the world

After a well-documented delay, the Government has finally - reluctantly - released the latest NHS public satisfaction data.

Amongst its crucial findings are that satisfaction with the service remains very high, only little behind the record highs seen last year -  with (unfortunately for the Government) 70% happy with how the NHS is currently run and 73% of those that have used the service satisfied with their experience.

In addition, 66% expressed the view that the NHS was amongst the best in the world (a figure that was even higher when posed in 2010):

Following on from the recent YouGov polling showing that almost half of Britons rate the NHS as the best system in the developed world - and other recent research findings - it demonstrates the mountain that Cameron is going to have to climb if he tries to force through Lansley's plans without major changes.

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