Thursday, 19 January 2012

Another reason to vote Ken...

There are many, good reasons to vote Ken in the 2012 Mayoral election; and, if today's YouGov poll is anything to go by, Londoners are beginning to warm to some of them.

There is his record as mayor, in which he dramatically increased the number of buses on London's roads; his numerous transport projects - from the extension of the East London line (now London Overground) to Crossrail; his backing of some dramatic changes - witness the pedestrianisation of the north of Trafalgar Square - that transformed key public spaces in London into continental-style spaces fit for walking.

Then there is his vision: for fair transport fares, for affordable housing (from rent caps to building more affordable homes) and for investment in public transport.

But there is one, overwhelming reason, why Londoners should support Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London. To annoy Andrew Gillian.

Gilligan, the obsessive, pompous, self-important ex-Standard and current Torygraph 'journalist', would hate nothing more than to see his arch-nemesis back at City Hall. It would devastate him. In fact, he would probably openly weep.

And that is a cause around which all Londoners can rally.

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  1. Once you get past his siully nickname, he was actually a darn good mayor. Seemed more like a technocrat to me who was just interested in the nuts and bolts of government.