Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Republican Party's war on science will damage people's health

The excellent New Left Media, who recently produced a film to highlight the frankly jaw-dropping attacks by the Republican Party on womens' healthcare, have released a new video expose attempts by the GOP to reverse basic environmental protections that many in the US had assumed were here to stay.

It's clear that the modern US right, due to a combination of corporate lobbying and influence from religious evangelists, is now a bastion for hugely anti-scientific views. This is combined with a political outlook - shared by their staunch media allies - that will seek to blindly ignore evidence-based studies into climate change, or similar events, where their world view is challenged as a result (something, incidentally, shared by some of their counterparts here in the UK).

The result is toxic (in potentially more ways than one) for people in the USA - with the EPA, the decades-long guardian of clean air and water - under threat from a Republican Party so blindly ideologically committed to hacking away at government, regardless of the consequences, that they can't even remember what they are meant to be cutting.

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