Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Even an art auction is a chance for the Standard to attack Ken

The Standard is continuing its daily march back into a Pyongyang-style mouthpiece for the incumbent Mayor, even approvingly reporting on Boris' defence of the hard-done by folks living in properties with seven-figure values.  Yet another example of the Evening Standard demonstrating how far removed from most people's reality it now is.

Today was no different, with an article that managed to turn an art auction for the Livingstone campaign (attended by the usual high profile left-leaning art figures) into an excuse to attack him. Hence an auction that raised £15,000 is reported in such away that allows them to stick the boot into the former mayor by highlighting the difference in the amount of money raised by the most recent one to that raised in a similar auction held in the run up to the last mayoral election.

The fact that the difference in revenue raised between this week's auction and the one held four years previously was down to one particularly valuable Banksy being picked up in 2008 barely gets a passing mention.

Anyway, the Standard is a whisker from repeating its track record in 2008 - only avoiding it through a tad more subtlety. Having true-blue Sarah Sands as acting editor is hardly going to change matters. Maybe later in the year they'll run another 'Sorry' campaign...

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