Tuesday, 20 March 2012

For Cameron to listen on the NHS, Londoners need to send him a message and kick Boris out of City Hall

As the Health and Social Care Bill passes its final hurdle, it's clear that David Cameron is happy to ignore the thousands of health care professionals, the academic experts and hundreds of thousands of members of the public that have opposed the introduction of a set of reforms that no-one voted for.

Today cabinet members banged the table in delight at forcing the law through, thanks in part to a House of Lords with a number of members (one in four of Tory peers) with vested interests in passing a law that will lead to the inexorable privatisation of the National Health Service.

There is one opportunity for at least one part of the country to demonstrate to the Prime Minister their strength of feeling, and that is in London. In Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party have a talismanic figure that they are desperate to see returned to City Hall. On 3 May, voters in the capital go to the polls.

If voters in London signal their opposition to the dismantling of the NHS by kicking Mayor Johnson out of power, they will send a message to David Cameron more powerful than any petition or protest march. It is the best chance of making the voices of the public on this crucial issue heard.

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