Monday, 17 May 2010

Danny Alexander - a first-class, grade A **** (insert letters as appropriate)

The first political rule of any incoming government, of any hue, is to find Daily Mail-friendly examples of public spending waste (laptops for disabled lesbians, or whatever) and to act 'outraged' (and also to infer that these anaemic examples are symptomatic of a huge government-wide problem and not a bunch isolated incidences of poor spending decisions). The mythical 'wine cellar' of City Hall, supposedly uncovered by BoJo in 2008, is a prime example.

The second rule of any unsuccessful negotiations is to blame the other side for willing them to fail.

Minister for Paper Clips, Danny Alexander MP, has helpfully combined both of these into one nugget of political bullsh*t.

He is our **** of the week. I'll leave you to fill in the gaps.

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