Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Time's Up!

So there it is. The dawn of a new age of trusting the people, of Big Society (it's back again, even though no-one has a clue what it means) and of freedom from state control.

How is this new age going to be marked? That's right, by stopping people having a quiet drink in a pub after 11 o-clock, even if they want one.

The British people, you see, can't be trusted. Okay, when I say 'British people', what I mean is the plebs that can't afford to be part of a members bar (somewhere like the Carlton Club, where people like us go, chaps!).

A dark day indeed for those of us that were hoping to drink our way through a guaranteed 5 years of Dave, George, Blotto, Tarquin, Barnaby and the rest...

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