Friday, 21 May 2010

We have angered Him again...

If an alien arrived in the UK today, it could be forgiven for thinking that the market was the deity of our very own primitive pagan religion. Turn on any news programme or open any paper, and the same fears and threats propagated:

From Garry Jenkins, soothsayer at GDC Partners:

"We must act now and provide a sacrifice (normally public sector workers, hurled into the volcano - well, the job centre anyway) lest The Markets punish us"

"If we don't do this The Markets will be angry", claims lead Necromancer at the CBI.  

Our PM - who has a direct line upstairs himself (well, to be fair he's probably related to half of them) - uses these fears in a different way: "You the people must accept gerrymandering... sorry, I mean, innovations in our constitution and our political systems in the name of 'Stability'"
The crazy thing about all this is that the complete collapse of the world's financial system in 2007 (has everyone forgotten already??) was a demonstration about JUST HOW RUBBISH our 'markets' and the supposed experts that trade in them are at running things.

You see - there's no-one upstairs. Just a bunch of guys who are very very, very wealthy indeed and are gambling with our money.

And having the last laugh.


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