Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Defence: cuts and leaks

Another day, another leak from our lords and masters.

These leaks seem to fall into two categories:

a) those that are intentionally leaked by Number 10 to the press, normally about quango x being shut or public sector outfit z being downsized, and ordinarily without said organisation being given advance warning;
b) those that are leaked by disgruntled civil servants, who are fed up for members of the ruling coalition telling (normally Tories) telling the media how rubbish the civil service is.

This leak (complete now with spectacularly over-the-top response) is likely to be an example to file under category b... although some cynical souls are claiming it is Liam Fox trying to do the dirty on Osborne and Dave.

Whichever it is, it's looking increasingly like the government are going to be fighting on all fronts over the coming years (unlike the army, by the looks of it).

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