Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Press turns on Barclays. Coalition stays silent.

With the honorable exception of Lib Dem Lord Oakeshott, the government has stayed almost totally silent on the decision by Barclays to lob a load of cash, and power, in the direction of whom many would describe as a professional gambler.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail, of all papers, has described the decision as "a direct challenge to democracy in this country" and the government response to the whole issue of banking as "slow and supine".

This blog is ostensibly about the current government, but it has to be said that, with the very rare opportunity of having both public and media support (right and left) on their side on this issue, the last government failed to do anything concrete either.

Now we have to rely on a Tory government to do something about this issue. The wait, unfortunately, may be a long one...

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