Monday, 13 September 2010

Britain's 'Berlusconi moment'

A number of commentators have been raising the spectre of Rupert Murdoch gaining unprecedented power, through acquiring the remainder of BSkyB, and through his (and the current government's) assault on the only large UK competitor, the BBC... something that has been described as Britain's 'Berlusconi moment'.

The question on many people's mind is this - does a Tory party in many respects indebted to the Murdoch clan for their support during the election campaign have a strong enough belief in a genuinely competitive free media market to block the takeover?

Don't go holding your breath.

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  1. And here we go. Not with a bang, but a whimper, it seems. Any idea if there are any other competitors in line to buy BSkyB, or is it just the Digger?

    P.S- Have said this before, don't nearly say it enough, but seriously, awesome site- there really aren't enough of these.