Tuesday, 14 September 2010

News of the World phone hacking - Hollywood joins the fray

As Steve Coogan and Sienna Miller look set to join in the growing numbers seeking legal action against the News of the World, it's worth pausing to look at the sheer scale of the potential victims of the practice that is alleged to have been pursued at the tabloid. 

A staggering 4,300 people might have had their phones hacked by journalists at the News of the World. Here is the latest list of those who are either known to be seeking legal action as a result of alleged hacking and also those who are have been identified as possible victims of the practice. It includes some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment and in politics.

At least two of the second list have settled with the News of the World for around £1.7 million.

Whether the defening silence on this issue by the likes of the Times (qu'elle surprise), the Telegraph and the Daily Mail is about protecting Andy Coulson (and therefore the Prime Minister) or whether it is the fear of revealing that the practice goes wider is an interesting question.

Seeking legal action:

Sienna Miller, actor
Steve Coogan, actor
Chris Tarrant, tv and radio presenter
John Prescott, MP
Brian Paddick, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard
Chris Bryant, MP
Brendan Montague, investigative journalist

Other known targets for potential phone hacking:

Andy Grey, sports presenter

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
David Davies, Executive Director, Football Association
Elle MacPherson, Model
George Galloway, MP
Gordon Taylor, Former Chief Executive, Professional Footballer's Association
Heather Mills, celebrity
Helen Asprey, Aide to the Prince of Wales
Sir Ian Blair, Former commissioner of Met police
Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, former Private secretary
Jo Armstrong, Legal adviser to Gordon Taylor
Kieren Fallon, Jockey
Max Clifford, PR Agent
Mike Fuller, Former Assistant Commissioner, Met police
'Miss X', Alleged victim of rape by celebrity
Nicola Phillips, Former assistant to Max Clifford
Paddy Harverson, Prince pf Wales' communications secretary
Paul Gascoigne, ex-footballer
Prince Harry
Prince William
Simon Hughes, MP
Sky Andrew, Football agent
Tessa Jowell, MP

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