Sunday, 3 October 2010

Baronss Warsi outed as Labour mole

... ok, she wasn't ACTUALLY outed as a double-agent for Labour, although she is doing her utmost to make her own party look bad.

However, she did - in a pretty catastrophic interview with the BBC this morning - clearly demonstrate the following:

  • that she hasn't visited planet Earth for a fair few years;
  • she is a terrible interviewee under pressure;
  • she now resides somewhere near the top of Cameron's "to fire" list (no doubt along with Liam Fox)

1 comment:

  1. Yes I agree! A Double Token appointment when made a Peer by Cameron, (Woman and Ethnic) and suffers from "foot and mouth disease" by the nature of some of her quotes.

    When on TV she reminds me of the moth which flies into your room on an autumn evening. Harmless and in a way quite pretty but soon it becomes a distraction and a nuisance and either flies into the lamp and burns its wings or your cat leaps up and gets it.