Tuesday, 5 October 2010

How NOT to manage a party conference...

It's only the end of Tuesday, but it's been a great conference for the Tories so far... if you count 'great' as meaning totally rubbish.

Whilst Gove has been spending his time announcing new policies that already exist, Dave and Gideon are now making up policies as they go along.

Now, to be fair to the Tories (and this blog is nothing but fair... hence the balanced and impartial name of site) they are tackling a difficult subject - welfare is a thorny, multi-faceted issue. But, looking at the hash that has been made of this so far it doesn't take one to be wildly cynical to conclude that a number of these policies have been announced without much background work, and quite possibly for the purposes of a few headlines and an early attempt to wrong-foot Miliband.

Mind you, at least Andy Coulson is out of the news for a day or two...

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